Winmau Blade Champions Choice Practice Dartboard

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Winmau Blade Champions Choice Dual Core Dartboard is specifically designed with narrower doubles and triples.

Increased Scoring Area
New Blade wiring system allows for 9mm extra scoring area in the doubles and 6mm extra scoring area in the triples.

14% reduction in web surface area for less bounce outs and higher scores.

Wire Evolution
Blade angle reduced from 90 degrees inclusive to 60 degrees inclusive for the ultimate in low bounce out technology.

Acute angles over 30% sharper to help deflect incoming darts into the board to increase scoring and reduce bounce outs even further.

Enhanced Tensile Strength
Over 20% increase in the UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength) of the DSW to ensure that dart points glide past the wire and into the scoring bed.

Cold rolled for improved molecular structure of the steel, extra strength and the ultimate in wire durability.

New bullseye and 25 ring featuring carbon diffusion technology for an ultra-hand surface, allowing dart points to glide past the angled rings into the board for improved performance and durability.

The Dual Core Advantage
Lower compression at the outer core reduces surface resistance and increases point penetration for fewer lost darts and higher scores.

Higher compression at the inner core increases resistance below the surface, absorbing excess kinetic energy for improved durability.

Pure sisal outer core with uncompromised playing surface for perfect vision and easier alignment.

The world's most advanced dartboard featuring Dual Core Technology.

The Rota-Lock Advantage
Triple-wheel lock and level system to easily secure the dartboard to virtually any surface. This unique and exclusive system allows for a quick and solid fix to the wall. Each wheel can be easily adjusted to enable perfect radial alignment and leveling.

Easy Set-up
Enables simple dartboard rotation
Can be used on uneven surfaces
Secure the dartboard to the wall for zero movement
Adjust the dartboard while the board is in situ - no need for removal