About us

Our Story

Welcome to LongIslandDarts.com, where our passion for darts drives everything we do. While officially established in late 2016, our journey began in 2006 when our founder discovered a love for darts while working in a local fence and seasonal dart store. This passion ignited a vision to elevate the darting experience in Long Island. Today, we are proud to be transitioning into a full-time Dart Store, catering to dart enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our commitment to quality customer service is unwavering as we strive to become Long Island's premier dart store and New York's go-to destination for dart supplies. We believe that it's not just the game of darts but the community of players that make Long Island Dart Store a standout in the sporting world. Join us in celebrating this beloved game and its vibrant community.


Our Approach

Our experienced personnel will help you choose the right dart, shaft, flight or equipment, whether you are a beginner, amateur, a professional or if you are looking for a gift for someone. We have the passion and the patience to make your experience in our store, be totally different than any of our competitors.

  • We will talk with you and take the necessary time to find the right darts for your style of throwing.
  • We want to be helpful instead of just pitching the sale to our customer.

We are dedicated to helping our customers make the right decision when it’s related to their darting equipment.