Shot Professional "T" Dart Mat

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Double thick and twice as strong. The Shot Professional T Dart Mat combines the durability of a regular dart mat, with an extra “T” defense zone below the dartboard on each side. Providing more floor coverage, and twice the mat thickness where it counts, your floor and darts have double the protection against damage.

Stray darts falling wide of the mark won’t leave a mark. Your floor’s safe from bounce-outs and missed shots, while dart points and shafts are protected against damage.

Good looking enough to do the games room proud, its shock-absorbing, industrial grade rubber allows for comfort underfoot, game after game, without curling. And regulation steel- and soft-tip toe lines or throw lines show you where to stand and throw.

  • Ideal for home and tournament use
  • Easy roll away and lightweight for ease of storage when not in use
  • Includes both Official soft and steel tip throw line/toe line specifications

What's Included:

  • 1 Dart Mat
  • 1 T Defense Zone

Dart Mat - 9' 8.25" long x 24.6" wide x .11" Thick
Additional T Defense Zone - 4'9" long x 24.6" wide x .11" Thick

Dart Mats are made of rubber-based products and may have a strong odor. This may require airing the item before use.