Buying Darts For Yourself

Buying Darts For Yourself

Hey Dart Enthusiasts!

Ready to dive into the world of steel tip darts? Choosing your first set should be fun, so let's keep it simple.

Know Your Purpose:

Are you a casual player or gearing up for some serious dart action? Your throwing style guides your dart selection.

Weight Watchers:

Darts come in different weights (10grs-50grs). Start with 24g (most popular weight in steel tip) for a comfy beginner feel.

Grip it Good:

Feel matters! Try different grip styles like knurled or ringed to see what feels right. The barrel's shape also plays a role, so find one that sits right in your fingers.

Shaft and Flight Fun:

Experiment with shaft lengths and flight shapes. Longer shafts for stability, shorter for agility. Mix and match until you find your winning combo.

No need to splurge on your first set. Long Island Darts has awesome budget-friendly options. Get a set that matches your style, and remember, upgrades are always an option.

Choosing your first steel tip darts is all about comfort and style.

If your nearby, come to our store to see what grabs you. Happy throwing!